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Black Ford GrabberSo you're a Comet and Maverick enthusiast? Well, here are some tidbits about the history of these exciting cars that you're sure to enjoy...and if you're not a fan yet, this will give you a little bit of insight on why you just might want to become one!

When Maverick production commenced in 1969 there were 127,833 cars made, all of them 2 doors and almost evenly divided between automatic and manual transmissions. The curb weight for these cars was about 2,487 lbs. and a suggested list price of $1,995.00.... a real bargain at $.80 per pound.

The following years up to 1977 saw Ford Mavericksignificant changes in both the Maverick and the Comet, some of the more important of these are disc brakes and the offering a 302 V8 engine package. If you are fortunate enough to own a Maverick or a Comet then you can truly appreciate them for what we feel they are today.

With just a minimal amount of work you can transform the docile grandpa driven grocery getter to a worthy vehicle capable of performing quite well in the performance automotive world of today. With the addition of wheels, paint job and some interior work a truly formidable restomod can be achieved easily.

Tail LightsWe here at C.A.M.E.O. truly hope you will be helped by your association with our organization. If restomod is what you are about...then we can help! If restoration is your bag, then we will be glad to point you to some worthwhile sources that can help in these important areas. Whatever your particular interest, we wish you great success and invite you to join us as a member of the fastest growing Maverick and Comet club, in the Nation.

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