Air tools with cutting disc works great for trimming.

Lower metal bridge installed and
ready for test fit.

Upper radiator braces fit the Griffin just fine. We drilled through the existing radiator brace and used 5/16s x 2” bolts. The Griffin Radiator is equivalent to a five core radiator and really does the job well!!
The photos show steps necessary to install a Aluminum Griffin Radiator Part No.# 26222X into a Maverick or Comet. As you can see trimming is necessary on each side but just enough to allow the radiator to clear hood when closed. The top hose is ‘76 351 Torino and the lower hose is actually two separate hoses “spliced” with a metal sleeve and after clamping a hose guard installed over the splice then wire ties... (It doesn’t look bad at all) The upper radiator braces are from a ’93 Chevy Suburban and likewise the lowers. You will have to trim the rubber slightly and drill some holes thru your existing radiator brace to hold these in place, and build a bridge from frame to frame for the lower support. Test fit everything before you weld in the bridge... This conversion absolutely works and the Comet runs at a constant 170 degrees here in Florida and when I catch a long light the temp shoots way up to 180... Ha.
If any of the C.A.M.E.O. members out there wish to tackle this conversion be advised that we will be glad to assist in any way possible in the way of advice and tech support. We feel it is wise to be sure your cooling system is up to par to avoid frying your engine whether you drive a stock 6 banger or a muscled up 351. Heat is the enemy! I cooked a little six cylinder engine due to the radiator not being up to the task just driving a reasonable 60 mph here in Florida and after that I determined that I would NEVER fry another engine. Dr. Bill of our Florida C.A.M.E.O. staff did the research work and determined after we made mucho measurements which radiator would best fit into this car and as you can see everything worked just fine. So far, we have converted four Mavericks and Comets over to this radiator just as you can see in the photos. The only tricky part of the conversion was installing the lower radiator support... Dr. Bill used 1” inch square tubing and welded it to the bottom of the frame rails, then cut a 1” piece of 1”inch square tubing in half to form a “U” channel drilled two holes in the center for the rubber part of the radiator mount and welded them to the brace. Its plenty strong and easily supports the weight of the radiator. We used a 60/40 mix of Water and antifreeze and we also used Havoline since it is made especially for Aluminum Radiators. Be careful with this stuff ...Don’t spill it onto any other surface... It spots! It's not too bad on painted surfaces but on anything aluminum the spot just doesn't rub out. (ask me how I know this... Ha) Dr. Bill and I performed this work in an afternoon right here in my driveway with simple air tools and a small welder that Dr. Bill uses for his own work. We made a cable that connects the welder into the Dryer plug and it worked great. Just match the plug for the welder to the existing receptacle on your dryer connection OR take everything to a welding shop after you mark the locations of your pieces to be welded then BOLT the lower radiator support to the frame. I would use two fasteners on each side just for good measure. The only items that MUST be welded are the lower radiator support braces which are lined with rubber... We wish you success and if you need any help, Call Us! Chip.