Start by pulling the panel upwards and back to access the speedo cable area. Be careful not to scratch the painted areas.

Inspect the non-working lights... (hood) to determine location for replacement... a towel worked just great for this.

Loosen the two upper screws to move the instrument panel up and out as shown in first photo... (don’t lose them)

Metal tabs fit Under the dash area and lines up screw holes... (This photo is upside down)

Rear view shows the quick disconnect at the speedo area... and rubber light plugs, above and to the right near the wires.

As you can see there are several locations to deal with so change the bulbs ONE AT A TIME, and trash the removed bulbs so you don’t get them mixed up.

Bulbs are number 194’s and can be found at almost any auto parts store... you will need several packages to do all the lights in the instrument panel... I recommend ALL the bulbs be changed at this time!

It is possible to change the instrument lights by reaching behind the panel and doing them one at a time by the “braille system” but I don’t advise it. The steps shown above are easy to follow and if you take it easy and think about what you’re doing you'll be fine.

Be careful not to damage the printed wire circuits as they are the life-line to the lights themselves via the power source. I chose to use the “High-Intensity” lights instead of the standard light to give a bit more illumination.

After the instrument panel lights are replaced, simply reverse the procedures outlined above... Now is a good time to inspect everything under the dash board, do a little dusting or cleaning and possibly lube your speedo cable while you have access. Have fun!