MUSTANG BACK-UP LIGHTS (70 thru 73) - Comet

This is“BEFORE” surgery showing the double taillights and the “now” absence of the planned backup lights.

"Dr. Bill" test fits the housing and checks for clearances BEFORE cutting...

A reference mark on the valance then we removed it and also the bumper for access to inner areas.

Some obstructions were removed with a die cutter to provide proper clearance for the light “housing”.

Bill made a template by using the gasket furnished then taped in on the (reversed for other end) valance for marking prior to cut.

We used an ink marker to locate the planned openings lined up with our original reference mark...then cut.

This is an inside view of unit when bolted to valance notice the two wires furnished ready to tie into ours.

Both lights in place, valance ready for install .Wires were prepped with connectors for easy hook-up to loom.

Valance secured, license plate on, wires hooked up awaiting bumper.

Looks “Factory” don’t you think?
BACK UP LIGHTS are a wonderful invention, and they’re even better when they “Work”..Ha. The photos above show HOW to install a 68 Mustang Back up Light setup into a 70-thru 73 Maverick or Comet. Originally the Maverick s HAVE back up lights, and so do the Comets. But I changed all that when I doubled my taillights in the Comet you see in the pictures and virtually eliminated any back up light I had from the factory. Something had to be done, especially when you are looking through tinted windows at night backing around trees, cars, and other barriers found in the back yard of any normal enthusiast such as me. Information on “double taillights available just call or write. Chip.

Light Assemblies purchased from NATIONAL PARTS DEPOT—OCALA, FLORIDA 1-800-874-7595