Maverick or Comet

“Mirror-Mounted” Turn Signals and Taillights, Turn Signals,
and Marker Lights for COMETS and MAVERICKS with long lasting LED’s bulbs.

Unobtrusive and highly visible, this bulb appears “clear” until activated then it blinks “AMBER”. Hardwired into your existing wiring loom it is coordinated to function as an “additional” warning device. It will be necessary to drill a small hole in each of your doors beneath the mirror mounting area to accommodate the “wires” for the lights and then secure the wire inside the door area to prevent “entanglement” when operating windows.

Mirror bulbs # 1845AC indicates Amber/Clear... These bulbs can be ordered in AMBER and RED also for the side marker lights. Separating the Plastic lens and housing from the marker lights was done with a razor blade, cleaned, painted FLAT white inside, new bulbs installed and were clamped into position then reassembled using a waterproof glue.
The original 1157 Taillight and Turn Signal Bulbs have all been replaced with new LED bulbs which we find are brighter. When you select the RM1965R bulb for the taillights which Glows and Blinks RED when activated there is a substantial difference from the 1157 “clear” bulbs. It seems to fill the entire lens with RED and isn’t diminished at the outer areas of the lens at all.

The “Double Contact” bulbs described above are manufactured by ROADMASTER Enterprises In Los Angeles, California and can be ordered in RED or CLEAR, and AMBER . The advantage of the LED’s of course is NO HEAT and the LONGIVITY of the bulbs themselves. All the marker lights have received the #1845 bulbs. Amber in the Front, RED in the Rear after painting the inner areas FLAT white. It will be necessary to enlarge the existing bulb opening slightly with a like size drill bit. Be careful with this operation and be sure the light frame is held securely while drilling.