This photo shows the firewall of a Maverick WITHOUT a hood seal as is evidenced by the many rectangular holes at the upper areas just below the cowl line. The seal does work when in place to prevent moisture from draining down into the engine compartment and making a mess of things.

This photo shows the new cowl seal installed and also fastened at each end with a “hold-down” bracket which is found on later models such as the 1974 Comet pictured here. As you can see it neatens up the area and performs the task designed for.

Observe the small metal clips fastened to the rubber seal. The clips are designed to fit into the rectangular openings securely.

Pictured here is hood seal installed to car in photo # 2, the seal can be ordered from Auto Krafters in Broadway, VA. Their toll free number is 800-228-7346. The part number is shown on the package.
Although the seal was installed to the Comet above it was not without some work... It seems that the small clips (#3) do not align with the holes in the firewall therefore if you wish to have a NEAT installation you’ll need a small flat file and you will have to “widen” some of the existing holes to insure the seal fits flush , and without sags in many of the existing holes. Be CAREFUL while you’re filing...Wear Gloves and wrap the hand around the file with the gloved portion of your hand facing the painted surface of your hood… It’s a little difficult but it comes out nice if you’re patient .Begin the installation from the CENTER hole then go both directions and trim off the excess seal.