# 1. “BEFORE” photo shows cracked dashpad which is as we all know is a difficult item to change due to lack of room underneath dash.

# 2 Raised areas of dash were trimmed which allows the new dash pad cover to sit “flat”. This step is important for a proper fit.

# 3 Remove the excess dirt, dash particles, then use an ammonia based cleaner to clean both the old dash and underside of pad.

# 4 Test fit the new dash cover to insure a good fit before you apply the sealant. This is the time to deal with any potential problem before you have a sticky mess.

# 5 Apply the sealant at the edges ONLY, DO NOT apply sealant in center... then firmly press down to seat the new cover in place... paper towel rolls work great... (wedged)

# 6 “AFTER” Looks Great and it took just minutes to install. After the installation you should wait about four hours to insure a good bond before moving your car.