This years HOT ROD Power Tour was one of the most attended events of the year. Although Comets and Mavericks were not in "abundance" on the tour, we certainly made ourselves noticed at every stop and also along the way on stop to stop excursions . We always garnered a lot of attention at each city on the tour by the spectators as well as the drivers on the Tour themselves whenever we "set up" for that days show.
Leaving Deland Florida in the first week in June Thursday afternoon we had dry roads until we reached Georgia then the fog rolled in and we were slowed a bit due to the restricted visibility . Then we encountered a "dead-stop" on 1-95 for an hour while road crews removed an upside down pickup truck from about a mile ahead of where you see the photo. We shut the cars off , got out and stretched our legs for awhile, grabbed our cameras and began taking a few shots of the surroundings while we introduced ourselves to our new neighbors.
With nothing moving,we took advantage and snapped some photos , checked our oil, cleaned our windshields, talked awhile with our captive audience (ha) and after an hour or so we were on the move again.
Madison, Wisconsin was our first stop and while we parked another Maverick pulled in next to me and we met John and Susan a really nice couple from New Jersey also making this years Power Tour. John was running a 347 stroker with a carburetor and the blue Comet in the photo is a 347 Stroker with Fuel Injection. We talked about meeting in Tennessee but I couldn't find him when we got there.